Thursday, August 05, 2004

-->> ..ya know..ya see this type o' surgery in the movies all the time..and no matter what.. ya just aren't really ever prepared for it in real life..ya know..

..from Diamond Comics's Previews ::
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (volume 4) #18
by Peter Laird & Jim Lawson

This issue: the Fugitoid has some work done; Raphael receives a phone call; Michelangelo does the lifegaurd thing;Leonardo gets creeped out; and Donatello witnesses a bizarre revalation !

32 pages.. $2.95


-- Toy reports are spewing out all over.. including from Mikey and CJJ .. most of the new baisics including General Mozar,Siver Sentury,Fugitoid,Gaurdian Ninja,Triceraton Warrior,the Battle Bikes TMNTs, and even Utrom (!?!?) i have seen Leo v' T-rex Box set,the Ninja Action TMNTs and the Sewer Lid Launcher myself.. .. the mystery of Quarry is still ..that she just isn't out yet..and i have not heard anything about the Clone Shredders (Claws and Multi- arms..)or Malignus.. but this may change very soon .. !!
One little guy messaged me really anxious about all the new TMNTs toys.. all i can say is ::'have patience,buddy' !!
..they are rolling out the TMNT figures and stuff in equal numbers for the most part.. so..even if you don't get the TMNT toys right when they come out.. wait a little while..they should be available for you to buy in just a little bit of time ..!!

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