Saturday, August 28, 2004

.. your friend 'Spaze Caze' is here to face the poo life flings in a new comic -starting here !!


Actor ;Ho Sung Pak (Raphael in TMNT II and III) one of the featured actors in a Chicaco Sun-Times article (starting here) about Asian and Asian-American actors triumphs and the challenges in a changing world of cinema.

..if you are in Tornonto this weekend (now thru' the 29yh of August); Jim Lawson, Eric Talbot and Michael Dooney and Peter Laird will be appearing live at the Canadian National Comic Book Expo ..tell 'em hi..gush and cheer..the Mirage Main Crew is there !!

--Checkin' in on Mr.B's Official TMNT site ..aside from cool comic strip rehashes,fun fan toys,and more neat-0 fan made Turtle icons..

.. - there is some cool shots of the new TMNT2: Battle Nexus video game boxes -starting here !!

- ..wonderful video and a few screen shots you may have seen before are -here on 'jeux-france' !!

..don't worry,Mikey ..we're keepin' it warm here for ya !!

(..yeh prolly is pretty warm and a lil' smelly..i think i just farted !!)

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