Wednesday, August 25, 2004

-->>..Servo-robot under the sea..'fish n' chips'..or 'chips n' fish' ??
..More and more sightings of yet the next TMNT variations..
..the Deep Divin' TMNTs look a little funny.. but they are actually pretty cool..i nabbed the Donatello at super Target and found 1 Fugitoid ..Don has got some really rubbery gear and a little sea friend.. (Donnie get's a little sting ray..)

..swim ,little friend..!!

..i even took 'em for a little dip in the sink.. Donnie Floats ok and even blubs some bubbles.. but it looks like the little ray needs a little help to stay afloat.. so be sure to give him a hand if you take yir toys in the tub, Bub !!

..keep checkin' the pegs.. the summer's near over and as you go back to school..the TMNTs are headin' back to the stores.. !!

-- Mr.B's offical TMNT updates bring a slew of TMNT 2 game links with tons of Turtle Video info..::

- Game Informer's article starts here ..

- Worth Playing's article is here..

- ..good ol' Game Spy's info is here ..

- ..and more info from Game Spot.. (..who the h3ll is 'Slashuaa' ??)

-..and thanks to Hyper Metal Sonic for IGN's link info on the cool new Game Boy A. port of TMNT 2 (starting here) !!


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