Thursday, February 28, 2008

** LOOK OUT **

-->> ..Hey, Just to let you know..

On the AIM chat a person using the S/N :: " pzycosnapper " is getting on the chat, harassing people, pretending to be me : 'Tokka', and giving out my phone number. I would not ever just get on an aim chat and start messaging people my phone number. Besides I'm using an unlisted cell number for all my major calls. Being on Dial-up .. why in the hell would i give people my number only to have them call a busy phone line on my land line number. Makes no sence.

A report has been filed with AOL an my contacts are on alert.

If 'pzycosnapper' is harassing you ** LET ME KNOW ** and i'll look into it personally.

I may have alot of problems .. but i am not stupid enuff' to go around harrassig people and giving out my personal info.

Thanks ,everyone !!

.. - THE REAL ~tOkKa..>v<

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Splinter's Iroonna said...

Sic 'em, tOk!!! Show no mercy! Take no prisoners!