Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tales of the TMNT v.2 # 44//.. greytones .. illustration by Dario Brizuela (( 2008 ))

-->> Check the beautiful greytones for Dario Brizuela's work on Tales # 44 !! **Click here !!

-- The following courtesy of Roseangelo ::

"Here is the cut, final scene of the movie. (( This taken from Rose's TMNT movie 1 sticker book. Very revealing !!)) ~t

Perhaps they didn't use it because you can see the top of the backdrop in all the window shots? ^_^ "

**Click ** image to get a larger view..

-- Official site spots .. & Danny B. ::

- Posted pix of Playmates Toys' **Sewer Slider Donatello and **Sewer Slider Michelangelo.

- We found an old Turtle Blimp II from 1989.

- Stephen sent in this wicked cool news:

"I thought that u guys and gals may like this news... remember the TMNT arcade game that was released as a download on the Xbox Live Arcade service? Well recently Microsoft asked users to vote on their favorite Live Arcade games in select catagories. Look who won twice:"




Splinter's Iroonna said...

Oh, Mikey and tOkKa! I am SOOO missing the forums! Are others still able to see it while I can't?

*weeps in frustration*

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..hang tuff' ,Cyn ..

i'll call Mike in a bit..

I'd imagine Mikey is stuck between work and school and has not been able to make the time again.

Every little bit of money he makes i'm sure counts cuz he doesn't make very much.

..poor guy .. >v<