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TMNT - The Iconic Stance ..by Kevin Eastman & Peter Laird ..((1987)) [[ Thanks to Randy & All @ NECA ]]

NECA TMNT / Myspace Action 2 ..[[ Courtesy of Randy @ NECA ]]

NECA TMNT // Box Image Basic CMYK ..[[ Courtesy Steve Murphy via Randy ]]

"Set of 4 packaging image, courtesy Randy @ NECA."
-- Steve Murphy

..ok one more from Steve ..cuz you guys can't enough ..

NECA TMNT // Over the TOP .. [[ Courtesy of Steve Murphy & Dan Berger ]]

-- It's no mystery ..i'm a lunkhead.. !! I do my best to answer peoples' TMNT questions ..but sometimes i just don't have the answers. Luckily i have good friends covering my spikes. Case in point. "THE NEXT MUTATION" on DVD issue comes up alot.

The ultimate question deserves an ULTIMATE answer..so we turn to Roseangelo ::

Rose:: .." There remains to be a bit of confusion about The Next Mutation's availability, so here's the complete run down.

The complete series is now available on DVD in the UK. As such, while the box says Ninja Turtles, the theme song and titles on the episodes say Hero Turtles. It also seems to be the case that some episodes have been edited, but this is pretty much your only option unless some miracle sees these released in the US some day.

Here are the two box sets you need to get all 26 episodes:

The set on the left, Volume 1, is a repackaging of three discs that were previously released. Those three discs are **East Meets West (episodes 1-5), Staff of Bu-Ki (episodes 6-8), and All in the Family (episodes 9-11). This is important information, because based on the Amazon.co.uk listing, this set is now out of print. If you can't find the set, perhaps you can find the individual discs.

The set on the right, Volume 2, just got released this month after being delayed from its original 2007 scheduled release. This set is a true box set that features episodes 12-26. You can currently find this set on ** Amazon.co.uk, but I would recommend purchasing sooner rather than later, as all of these have been going out of print very fast.

If all else fails, there's always eBay, but you'll need to look at eBay.co.uk. At the moment, seller ***drstevew has both DVD sets available (Volume 1, Volume 2).

Of course, to watch any of these you'll need to be able to play Region 2, PAL-encoded DVDs. To do this you can buy an expensive region-free DVD player or there are ... other ways. A little time spent with the Google should help you find information that will allow you to view these discs without spending any additional money.

Good luck! .. "

Thanks again to Rose for helping me on this..getting this seris over stateside is a nightmare if you don't know what you are doin'.. so just short of a miracle this is the best sure-fire way to get the discs on this cult-classic !!

-- **Click for Rose's Toy Fair report from the other week for some interesting insight !!

-- ..also Tales of the **TMNT Collected Book #5 Pre-Order Now Available ..(Click))..

-- Again from Dan B @ the Official TMNT site.. ::

TMNT Volume Four issues #1-14 are now available for legal download at www.WOWIO.com!

WOWIO is currently only available for U.S. residents and to sign up for their free downloading service (limited to three books per day) you'll need a private e-mail address (i.e. you can't use major providers such as Google, Yahoo, G-Mail, etc.), a scan of a personal I.D. or a valid credit card. See their site for more details.

We're looking into international options to provide the books for free download to everyone outside of the U.S., but due to the complexities of international copyright law, we may not have much success on that end. If all else fails, we'll post low res JPGs of the issues on our site like the issues from Volume One (currently linked at the bottom of the Comics page).

The plan is to post issues #8-14 in February, issues #15-21 in March and issues #22-28 in April. In May, all-new issues will begin with TMNT #29, and from there, a new book will be posted as often as Peter, Jim and Eric can complete them!

- **Posted the extended synopsis (with screenshots) for episode #141, "The Cosmic Completist".


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