Saturday, February 09, 2008

-->> ..just in case you missed summin' during work or school ..

..i'm gonna try to fill in the TMNT news gaps for ya,again .. ..

::Round*up time !!

TMNT LEGEND // Year of the Rat Forum illustration ..新春愉快! [[courtesy of TMNT Legend]]

Courtesy of my friends at **TMNT Legend in China!!

NECA TMNT // CMYK - -  CARD Back Peek [[ courtesy of Steve Murphy ]]

"A somewhat larger view of the blister back than can be found **here. Nice, eh? The text at bottom will be tweaked in the next draft, removing the reference to our upcoming 25th anniversary as we're holding off on playing that up until 2009."

-- Steve Murphy


NECA TMNT // Foot Soldier draft design [[ courtesy of Steve Murphy ]]

"NECA just sent in this first draft design for their generic Foot Soldier figure. See this and more pics **here."

--Steve Murphy ..

NECA TMNT // Leonardo - Card & Blister (small view)

TMNT Mini Mutants :: 'Multi Arm Shredder' ((One of the Shredder Clones from 'Return to New York))  // ]] [[Courtesy]]

TMNT Mini Mutants :: Sport Don    //  [[Courtesy]]

-- In case ya hadn't seen.. be sure to scope out the the new TMNT Minis due later this year..
..**Click for's gallery from the 2008 U.K. ToyFair the Other Week..

-- Danny B. from the official TMNT d0t Community !! ::

-tOkKa (( who's that ?? ))sent in this info:

'Entertainment Earth' is offering the good old TMNT statues... (looks like all 4) for 99.99 bux a pop!' (( ^^ Nix that ..there seems to be no Donatello Statue..sorry ~tOkK))


PLEASE NOTE: Mirage has absolutely no affiliation with, so we can't vouch for the veracity of their offer to have the statues in stock next month, but it may be worth investigating for those of you still searching for them. As far as we know, Playmates Toys completely sold out of the statues long ago, so caveat emptor!

- "Tales of the TMNT" #43 and "Tales of the TMNT Collected Books Volume 5" are at the printer now. Hopefully they'll be available at participating comic shops by the end of the month!

- **Posted the extended synopsis with screen shots for TMNT episode 140, "DNA is Thicker Than Water". ((CLICK))

- David sent in the following info:

Just wanted to share that today at Toys-R-Us I found a new (older) toy that I do not believe has hit stores in the past. It is from the Paleo Patrol Line, the Tyranno-Blade helicopter (©2007 Playmates Toys) . It rang up $19.99. They had three of them in the TMNT section. This is the first time I have seen this item:**CLICK FOR IMAGE.

- Devin & Nathan sent in the following link featuring the final box art for the original series Season 6 DVD set:


- Storm Eagle sent in the following links. The first is's link to order the Season 6 DVD set:


..And the second states that the "Ninja Tribunal" DVD set will be released on May 20th - I haven't gotten any confirmation on this yet, but you might wanna take a peak:




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