Monday, February 25, 2008

-->> ..the following couresy of Felix Ip..((extra special thanks to Cyn & Ninjatron for the tip ))..::

Imagi Job Fair Poster.. 'Leonardo'   [[ Courtesy of Felix Ip of Imagi ]]

Recent Imagi Hong Kong Job Fair Poster.. featuring Leonardo ..

Imagi Job Fair  ..print ad  .. ' Leonardo & Astro Boy '  [[ Courtesy of Felix Ip of Imagi ]]

Leonardo & Astro Boy observe an Imagi animator hard at work on the next big feature in this print ad for the Job Fair !!

-- From **4kids.. ::

Starting next weekend you will be able to log onto and vote on your favorite “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle” theme song for the upcoming season.

Listen to the three options right here on, and then vote for your favorite. Vote as many times as you want, just make sure you vote so Mikey doesn't get his way and compose his own theme song. Hey, he may be great crime fighter, but when it comes to singing, he should definitely keep his day job!

-- The following via Steve Murphy ::

- From

"At the Game Developers Conference 2008, Microsoft celebrated the success of its industry leading Xbox LIVE® Arcade platform with the inaugural Xbox LIVE Arcade Awards. In January, the public cast their votes for their favorite Xbox LIVE Arcade games, and this week Microsoft announced the winners at a private developer reception."

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1989 Classic Arcade from Ubisoft Entertainment won in both the "Best Cooperative Multiplayer Game" and "Best Selling Game" categories. Big congrats to Ubisoft!


- NECA scales

"The turtles will be 5.25 inches, April 5.75, and IF/WHEN a Foot Soldier and/or the Shredder is made, they would be 6 and 6.25 inches respectfully."

- More TMNT Alien Hunters after all !! ?!

(Pix courtesy of Tallstar)

Steve to Vaughn :: Heard back from Playmates: the last 2 aliens WERE indeed made and released in the US. They just forgot to tell us, like.

Still no answer on the Secret Agent Donnie....

..WEIRD !! Keep an eye out on the pegs, kis !!


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