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- Courtesy of Chris & 4kids & TMNTfans ..

On February 9, 2008 .. ..

"Twelve never before aired Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle episodes will be running soon on Fox TV!"

The 'lost' episodes of TMNT finally hit the broadcast shores of North America. Post the defeat of Ch'rell the Utrom Criminal and Pre - Fast Forward. ..

The ancient evil of The One True Shredder returns and Acolytes are made of the Green Teens as the biggest war with the most feared and sinister of all their foes is about to begin..

** Check here @ the official TMNT - 4kids website for more info..

- ..i've also set up a 'TMNT - Lost Episode' preview gallery onthe terrible2z FlickR account filled with screencaps provided by Chris and 4kids .. ((until Mikey can add them to his database))

TMNTLostEpisodes  - 016 - Splinter mourns his dead sons (a nightmare)

** CLICK HERE For the Mikey's TMNT :: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - The Lost Season [[ The Ninja Tribunal ]] ..Gallery !!

- Just can't get enuff' NECA TMNT ?? ..drool over the following.. **~~

..**More of the same images on an update on NECA's offical site ..

** ..And some nice big FAT pix via ' ' ..((Click))

The following courtesy of Rosenagelo::

- Upcoming Tales # 45 & 46 previews **Click here ..

- More Untold Tales of the TMNT ..

"TMNT writer Tristan Huw Jones is sharing more of his, unfortunately rejected, story ideas for Tales of the TMNT. You can find the details of these four mega-tales at **Tristan's blog ((Click))."

- TMNT #44 peek ..

"Last week, TMNT writer Jake Black posted some preview pages from Tales of the TMNT #44. You can check out all of the pages in his blog, **here.

This week, Jake and his wife Michelle are celebrating the birth of their first child, Jonas Christopher. Congrats to the Black family!"

Tales of the TMNT #44 ships in March."

- Official TMNT volume 4 news from Danny B. .. ::

"TMNT Volume Four issues #1-7 are now available for legal download at **!

WOWIO is currently only available for U.S. residents and to sign up for their free downloading service (limited to three books per day) you'll need a private e-mail address (i.e. you can't use major providers such as Google, Yahoo, G-Mail, etc.), a scan of a personal I.D. or a valid credit card. See their site for more details.

We're looking into international options to provide the books for free download to everyone outside of the U.S., but due to the complexities of international copyright law, we may not have much success on that end. If all else fails, we'll post low res JPGs of the issues on our site like the issues from Volume One (currently linked at the bottom of the Comics page).

The plan is to post issues #8-14 in February, issues #15-21 in March and issues #22-28 in April. In May, all-new issues will begin with TMNT #29, and from there, a new book will be posted as often as Peter, Jim and Eric can complete them"

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