Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Lee's Toy Review #183 ..pgs. 18 & 19 ((2008))



-->> ..the preceding scan lies soley on tOkKa.
Mikey's TMNT,The Technodrome.com, nor FLICKr are responsible for the scanned content of :: "Lee's Toy Review".

Pages 18 & 19 of the January 2008 edition of "Lee's Toy Review" were scanned from a bought and paid for edition of the magazine ..purchased by Tokka himself.
Pages 18 & 19 shall be the **ONLY** pages scanned from said periodical released in January 2008.. soley and specifically as a service to those that wish to purchase the magazine but are unable to obtain a copy for themselves.

All other content in the publication shall remain **unscanned** by Tokka.

No infringement is implied at all.

Any questions or concerns regarding said periodical scan should squarly be launched to Tokka @ tOkKab2@terrible2z.com ..((the responsible party for said scan)).

Any requests by the Publisher of "Lee's Toy Review" &/or related parties to remove the document from Tokka's FlickR account and all related websites & files will be acknowledged & honoured immediately and removed completely.


~ tOkKa..


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