Friday, February 02, 2007

-->> A few weeks back i requested to my friend Leo or anything in the way of 'TMNT' movie posters on the China side of the planet. He sent me the above.

Regarding the pronouncement of the Chinese characters in the poster ..

'Leo': (ren zhe gui) ren zhe is ninja.. ninja from RenZhe .. Gui is turtle so Gui like the sound 'gv'.. haha so it's "Ren Zhe Gui"

He also shared with me this PUBLIC image gallery with big TMNT movie posters and an interesting mix of images ..a few i'd not seen.

** Click here for a Chinese 'TMNT' movie image gallery.


- Official Turtle Big Pimpin..

Dan Berger.. ::

-** "Posted the extended synopsis (with screenshots) for Episode #98, "The Return of Savanti Romero" Part 1 ..

-Jack sent in two more links from featuring info about the new movie:

-Part one **Click here..

-Part two **Click here..

Billy sent in the following link with a scoop regarding the release of a Season One DVD set for the 2003 TMNT toon:

** (click)

-David sent in the following info:

The new season of "Fast Forward" will premiere tomorrow on February 3rd. It seems they may be airing the rest of the series before the movie opens. .. .. "


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