Tuesday, February 27, 2007

-->> K', groovie goulies ..

havin' yet another tough time' here.. but it's just the exact place the tOkKa-Haters out there want me to be .. but well i'll try to prick 'em off..

..more news thru' the day and as i go about the day..

..New TMNT toon,Retro .. and TMNT 4 movie tees abound.

Thanks to Roseangelo for this in.. from 'Giant' ..

..**Click here for a peek at a new slew of turtle tees,hoodies n' covers to slip on to keep ya shell warm when ya stand in line for the new movie !!

- Official news drives ya wild !! Danny B. ::

-Posted the rest of the TMNT movie figures that we currently have on hand (**Click).

-Brian Bennett sent in a calendar count-down image for the TMNT movie - its dimensions are 1280 X 809. **Click here to open it in a new browser window.

-Turtleguy556 sent in this info:

The disc packaged with the TMNT movie figures is not a demo of the Ubisoft game. It is simply a mini game and an activity center.

To corroborate that info, we received this from J:

There aren't any figures with the movie game's demo. It's an entirely different game created by Ubisoft and only available as a promotion for the toys, to the best of my knowledge.

(( ..J,Turtleguy .. it was an honest mistake. The discs ARE PACKED WITH THE UBISOFT LOGO ..i was deceived into thinking that it was the demo .. so sorry i ain' got keen eyes as you perfect people out there..My bad.. so please get the hell off my back. Serious !! Any one else feel the need to raise a tussle ?? God .. UGGHH !! ~ tOkK))

-Gorak wrote:

I found another web site that has the demo version of Ubisoft's new TMNT game for download. Thought I'd share the fun:


-The S sent in this snippet:

For the third consecutive issue (!), Tips & Tricks has TMNT info. Their April 2007 issue has a small snippet on the original arcade game.

-Josh "Turtle Kid" Rotunda sent in this info:

Just wanted to let you know that Wal-Mart has a pallet that has TMNT toys on it as part of a special promotion. Two of the four sides have a Leo and a free poster that you can get if you buy any TMNT toy. The third side has the TMNT vs the General two packs. The last side has the regular figures and here is the best news: Karai, Max Winters, Aracknor & Jersey Devil, and Vampire Succubor are included so be on the look out for the 4 new figures. Oh and the poster is the image on the four turtles on the box.

- From my higher up..yeh that's right , the one n' only Mikey "d'boss" Perez.. ::

"While I was in Austin this weekend, a couple of friends and I went windows shopping down South Congress (a very "hip" street full of eclectic shops, lofts, restaurants and hotels, bats... oh yeah, and it leads straight to the state capitol)..."

Anyway, this little shop (the name escapes me right now) has tons of strange novelty items and rare toys/hobbies/gifts.

After looking through this coffee table book that features 8-bit NES artwork from a bunch of different pop artists (Tokk, I know you've seen this one before), I picked up another book called the Magic Land of Toys.

It's a beautiful hard cover over-size book with hundreds of photographs of toy scenes. They've got action figures, Lego, Barbie, plush figures, etc.

And of course, there are a few pages featuring our Heroes in a Half-shell!! The cover price was $65 ((** This book is available via Amazon for a lower cover price of $40.95 - click is you are intrested..~tOkK), so I couldn't even hope to buy it, so you'll have to deal with the low quality mobile pics I took. Very Happy..

(Click the thumbs for a bigger view!!)

-Dierna tips on some more TMNT movie trailers via Youtube .. ,tOkKa (Thanks,D !! 8D

Earlier today I was excited that a new trailer had
aired on tv. There's possably THREE new trailers that
have aired on tv. However I have only seen 2. They
have also been placed on YouTube.

(**Click here !! )* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=edTbkLDVITM

(**Click here !! )* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YnT4ZkXXoc

-Thanks to Wikk :: 'Rumor: TMNT (classic game) Coming Soon To XBLA' ..**Click here for the Xbox 360 Tidbit !!


- Thanks to my pal Leo in China for his TMNT game demo caps and wallpaper collections..

..**Click here for Leo's extensive eye candy collective and download info (In English and Chinese) !!

-Thanks to Leonardo Mystic's Quick Picks..of some new TMNT movie beddin' hittin' up stores right now ..

**Click for the big pics.. !!::

..more later.. please bear with me.. things are not goin' so good.. but i shall do the best i can..pendin' a storm shower of tOkKa tears n' prickle pears !! Guess there's only one snapper with enuff' muster to squeeze Turtle Limade outta life's lemons. The snapper's gonna try here.


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