Saturday, February 03, 2007

Ghostbusters 3 confirmed!!

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(Apparently on the heels of TMNT CGI and in the same reasoning..)

Dan Aykroyd::

" “Ghostbusters 3 lives today. A year ago it didn’t.”

“I wrote a script called Hell Bent, Ghostbusters go to hell basically. The premise is that it’s Manhellton. There’s Manhattan and ManHELLton. And if you can build an inter-dimensional phase system so that you can go from one dimension to another. We’ve succeeded doing that and we go to the hell side.

Downtown, Folley Square - where the cops are, they’re all blue minotaurs. Central Park is this huge deep mine, green demons there, surrounded by black onyx thousand foot high apartment buildings with classic red devils. Very wealthy. And we go visit a Donald Trump like character - Mr. Siffler. Lou Siffler, Lucifer. So I will say we meet the devil in it.

It won’t happen as a live action because Billy [Murray] won’t come on to the live action but he will voice his part, as a CGI animated project.

With CGI, and animation, the way these cartoons are done, we can do everything I wrote in that script for a lot less money.”

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-- Thanks to Cyn for the heads up n' keepin' this snapper in the loop !!

Official TMNT movie site !! **

Cyn:: YAY!! They've finally turned the site into something! It's rather neat, though they still don't have the cast listed, but in the picture gallery there are a few that haven't been seen before, including a WICKED one of Raph and Leo in close combat!!!!!

OH, and you can download AIM icons and the backgrounds look cool and woohoo!!! "


-- Thanks to 'Roseangelo'.. .. ::

"A screencap of a screensaver included on the PC disc included with the action figures.

"For this one I took a screenshot of the PC disc included with the new movie action figures.. .."


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