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..Pokin' Spikes ..n' 2 smokin' willow's .. Round-up time!!

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We got a bunch of toys in - today I've posted Fast Forward Triple Strike Don, Triple Strike Leo, Triple Strike Mike and Triple Strike Raph - they're linked on the 2006 section of the Toys page.**Click

**A mobile phone game based on "TMNT Fast Forward" is available now in the US. Click here for more info.

Leif Jørgensen sent in the following info:

In Denmark, DR1 will apparently begin airing the Fast Forward season. According to the TV-programme, the episodes are shown on Tuesdays at 16.35 (4.35 pm) beginning February 13th. There is nothing noted about the first episode (which is replacing a "Lucky Luke" episode), but the next two read:

16.35 Ninja Turtles: Tidsrejsen
Amerikansk tegnefilm med dansk tale.
I den helt nye Turtles-serie er de fire pizza-spisende helte rejst ud i fremtiden til år 2105, hvor nye udfordringer venter.

In english this would mean:
16.35 Ninja Turtles: The Time Travel
American cartoon with Danish speak.
In this whole new Turtles series, the four pizza-eating heroes travel to the future to year 2105, where new challenges await.

To date we have only seen Season One and Two. I hope we will get Season Three, Four and Ninja Tribunal later!

The other news is the publication of new DVDs featuring the current cartoon in Denmark and Norway. In both nations, DVD 7 and 8 are announced for March 12th. Which episodes are contained is still unknown, but DVD 7 will have five episodes and be titled "Padder i rummet" (Turtles In Space). DVD 8 will have four episodes and the title "Den hemmelige oprindelse" (The Secret Origin).

The price for a DVD will be 99,00 DKK ($17.28 US) or 99,00 NOK ($15.84 US).

Furthermore, in both nations DVD 9 and 10 are planned. Both will contain four episodes each but release dates are still unknown.

In Norway, DVD 11 and 12 are planned but there is no further information about them.

- Posted info about the "Fast Forward" DVD release. **Click ..

- Kevin McGill sent in the ad below for Lionsgate's next DVD release of the original TMNT cartoon series:

Neil V sent in the following info about the **New York Comic Con:

Kevin Munroe will be at the show for a TMNT Video Game panel with UBISOFT (booth #115): "TMNT: The Video Game" presents an exclusive signing with Kevin Munroe, Director of TMNT movie on Saturday, 2/24 from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

LionsGate (original TMNT cartoon DVDs), 4Kids (current TMNT licensing agent) and Funimation (current TMNT cartoon DVDs) will have booths there as well. updates on the official TMNT site are of the basic importance for further updates like Dan's ebay listings and contest winners..ect. **Click here..

- Thanks to Roseangelo ..for this tip on Comic 2 film's exclusive set of TMNT movie wallpapers for your comp !! **Click for the set !!

.. There are also 10 more Wallpapers on their main TMNT movie page ..**Click here!!


-..Uploaded the TMNT - game article from March 2007 issue of Nintendo Power ..for you.. (**Click for the big picture !!)

..more soon.

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