Friday, May 13, 2005

-->>'d scoul too if ya smelt the 'ench reekin' up in here !!

WELL FINALLY.. --GEN is on a card on the official TMNT site (--click here..)!!

Usagi's Rhino boy-bounty pal is due out within' the next couple o' weeks or so !!

..also on card are the rest of the weird and wonderful bunch of TMNT benbags on new Backer cards !! ::

--Master Yoshi is here !!

--General Blanque is here !!

--Feudal Shredder is here !!

--Robo Huntin' Don is here !!

--Robo Huntin' Mikey is here !!

--Robo Huntin' Ralph is here !!

--Robo Huntin' Leonard is here !!

..get ready, kids.. it's the fall of the Shredder n' Rise of the machines !! New TMNT toys are gonna hit the pegs soon.. n' new Turtle adventures are on the way !!


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