Saturday, May 14, 2005


been too long since I posted anything up here at Mikey's, and yet it seems I've not been working on any comics, BUT... I have been keeping up and staying on track. It's just I keep forgetting to mention it on here, as Dribble For Kids has moved onto Issue 5, which is the Season Finale to Season 2. Oooo the drama of it all! 


Last we left on Page 19 of Issue 4: Fellowship of the Sweater, The Masked 1 has attacked the D4K gang and is tearing the bar in the mall up, looking for them, but more importantly, looking for the sweater!! Find out what happens at the end of Issue 4's... "shocking" conclusion, as it heads to the Season Finale of Season 2, which is Lord of the Sweaters Chapter 3: Betrayal of the Sweater, which is already on Page 5.

In Chapter
3 of Lord of the Sweaters
, Charlie, Jimmy and a slowly mentally
unstable Penny must fend off the Masked 1 and his new co-hort Denny!  It
seems SAPS Incorporated is gaining the upperhand... if only Nick and Nate were
still alive to rescue them!  Ah, but there is something else, no-- SOMEONE
else at work here, which will throw the odds back in our heroes' favor... or it
will be the ruin of them....


further Adieu'.....

Issue 4:

Page 20    Page 21    Page 22


Cover To Issue 5 By Guest Artist Kidsplitner


Page 1    Page 2    Page 3    Page 4    Page 5


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