Thursday, May 12, 2005

..guess who !?

-->>Special thanx to our forum's 'Vember'& Bry Kotyk for this cool tip ::

"..full props go to a "Bry Kotyk (goldeneyed)" of Livejournal for posting in the TMNT community there.

I really liked the original comments, so:
Bry Kotyk (goldeneyed) wrote:
Considering the way the franchise has been handled recently, I guess it's safe to assume the new movie will be based far more strongly on the original comic books than previous efforts. Based on what little can be seen of Leonardo himself, the Turtles seem based visually on their initial appearances - small bodies, big hands/forearms, "sharper" facial features... The focus on that sharp, shining blade doesn't exactly make me foresee the guys playing football with cans of ooze or fighting off ninjas with a set of cymbals, either. I was sort of hoping they'd go all out and put all four Turtles in the red headbands, but I wasn't really expecting it. Looks good, though. Very good.
Here's a link to the discussions there. "


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