Tuesday, May 24, 2005

..whoa..i had this real bad dream where i was savin' the Fugitoid and the Triceratons were attackin'.. o wait..!!

TMNT 3: Mutant Nightmare is headin' to Consoles and the Nintendo DS later this year..and Konami's official sites are up with all the info you'll need to start yir plottin' against Shredder n' Bishop, cuz well THEY'RE plottin' against you and this is the stuff of Turtle phychology..(therapist not included) !!

--'TMNT 3 : Mutant Nightmare' (DS) site starts here !!

--'TMNT 3 : Mutant Nightmare' (Console) site starts here !!

..screen caps lookin' good and we could have another contraversial TMNT hit on our hands !! Third times a charm !!


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