Tuesday, May 17, 2005


.. a super select few Raphael Statues (3 of 4) have hit the warehouse at good ol' Mirage..

--..the official order form is seen by clickin' here !!

-- Cool thing about Mirage and TMNT ..still to this day.. super cool artists are introduced to the propery..that you may not even have ever seen or heard of before unless you were a super geekie-comic freekie ..!!

Makin' the rounds for comic and illustration on the current TMNT U.K. Mags and the current Tales of TMNT front peice is William Potter..

.. a super slick Turtle guy who's fun site is worth takin' a look at and gettin' some slick pix and cool info on the coolest Hero Turtle artist this side of London Bridge !!

-- Get the 411 on Mr.Potter ..sorta shaven not to Hairy,Harry.. William Potter ..err click here for his website !!

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