Sunday, May 29, 2005

-->>volume 16  !!

Amazon's got listed for a June 9th release date of 'TMNT: Shredder's final Countdown' ..but i guess it's a uhh.. misprint. They put the wrong box pic up.

..the official TMNT site sez :

" The next DVD, Vol. 3.3 "Ways of the Warrior: Return of the Ultimate Ninja", is slated to come out in June 7. (The big one with animation debuts of Mirage Classics :Renet,Planet Racers,Super Hero Turtles,Savanti Romero, and the Return of Usagi !!~tOkK)

Vol. 3.4 "Shredder's Final Countdown" is scheduled for release on August 30. (The final fate of Saki !! ~tOkK"

..lookd like season three's video collection should all be caught up right as season 4 starts up !!

Wah-h00 .. (..nerdy whoopin' goin' on~~**)

-- Look closely at this strange Amazon DVD entry >> TMNT : Never before Seen (??) !! ??


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