Sunday, March 20, 2005

-->>..hey watchit.. i just back from dah dentist !! OW!!

Tales of TMNT vol.2 #11 (Due in May !!)

by Murphy,Cohn, & Parsons::

'The Quick and the Dead'- Under normal circumstances,going up against a group of Foot Ninjas is no big deal for the team supreme. But what happens when the Foot's ninjitsu moves are faster than the eye can see ? Find out when Splinter and the four Turtles are attacked by three super-speed-enhanced Foot ninja in this take-no-prisnors, all-out action issoe in the now-monthly Tales of the TMNT !! (32 pgs. B/W,$3.25)
..nuff' hyphens in there ?? Gees..

--Like Nick said TMNT: Mutant Melee has hit PC,Xbox,and Gamecube.. leavin' Ps2 TMNT fans livid and IGN offering mixed reviews.. --starting here !!

-- I kinda am late with news on UGO's funny-bunny interview with Usagi Yojimbo's main man and master.. :Stan Sakai -- starting here ..!!

--..n' if ya can't get enuff Bunny's fer yir money .. know that easter's around the corner and special thanks to Cynlee for pointing out on 4 Kids' sneek Peek at next weeks TMNT when LEO,Gen, and Usagi team-up yet again..this time in Usagi's world of Ninja Bats,Dojos and evil Snakes in Kimonos.. (sushi ??) --starting here !!

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