Wednesday, March 09, 2005


.. a quick scoop from Dierna on the really beeg shew usually is good news.. n' better than a scoop of Boogerberries and Ratstails ice cream i tells ya !!::

"Next week on Cartoon Network starting Tuesday March 15
- Friday March 18th they will be airing the AU 2:30pm: (Note: I checked Yahoo for sure and
they have the times and everything)

Tuesday: Reality Check (Michelangelo meets the Super

Wednesday: Across the Universe (This Saturday's ep...
Raphael becomes Speed Racer in a crossover with
"Planet Racers")

Thursday: "Same As It Never Was" (Donatello hangs out
in the Image universe for a bit)

Friday: "The Real World pt 1" (Leonardo and Usagi do not sure)

So 2 days before it airs on the 19th we'll be able to
see Donatello's ep.


..looks like C.N. Turkeys still has the Turtes on a tricky time slot.. hang in there, kids ..n' get them VCRs n' DVD recorders fired up.. just in case !!


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