Friday, March 11, 2005

-->> ..there he goes again.. loomin' in the background.. eesh !! GET yir head checked,Saki !!

..grr ..durn Blogger kept crashin' the otherday so i couldn't update.. gee whizz!!

--Jarrah and TMNT d0t com share with us the next UK 'Next Mutation' Pack art!!

-- Mr.Berger ::

"We're doing what we can to convince Cartoon Network to move the TMNT show back to a later time slot. It may be beneficial for you to contact Cartoon Network and let them know that you want to see the show airing at 5:30 or later:

Cartoon Network

Attn: Programming Department

1050 Techwood Dr.

Atlanta, GA


You can also try this e-mail address:

-- Mr.B:: "We've been getting questions regarding episode 73, "Same As It Never Was" asking whether or not it's been based on the Image Comics TMNT universe. Peter Laird assures me, quite emphatically, that this episode is not based on the Image story line, nor are any future episodes."

..gee whizz !!


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