Saturday, March 05, 2005

..O' sh6t.. i forgot my keys in my other shell.. and d4mm i have to pee.. it smell funny in here to you ??

..9 0ut of 8 1/2 scientists beleive that a Mikey's TMNT site redesign may not happen in your lifetime !!

A real fun update on the offical TMNT site !! (kinda dizzy tonight so i'm gona cut n' paste.. ')

-- New MOC pix of Ninja Action Splinter, Ninja Action Shredder, Ninja Action Foot Soldier and the TMNT Egg start here !!

-- Fun TMNT Fashion Show pix from the 2005 Barcelona Licensing Show !!

-- More TMNT personal appearance costume pix are here from Toy Fair!!

-- "Ignacio Dragonetti sent in the following link that features more pix from the recent Toy Fair: ASM Productions' Toy Fair pix.."

-- Again ..::

"We're doing what we can to convince Cartoon Network to move the TMNT show back to a later time slot. It may be beneficial for you to contact Cartoon Network and let them know that you want to see the show airing at 5:30 or later":

Cartoon Network

Attn: Programming Department

1050 Techwood Dr.

Atlanta, GA


.. w0w w0w w0w ..~~THUDD **

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