Monday, December 27, 2004

-->>..o there ya go..!!

Well the Forums have been hacked once again. I have a feeling i know who it was. The thing about the forums here is that i'm really just working alot and it's on in the background and it's how i can stay on top of things. This particular person hadn't been banned. Instead they had been temporarily suspended until i could talk with Mikey and see what to do about the poster. Well ..instead of taking simple logical route and simply emailing me about thier concerns. They have decided to hack the forums to get revenge. Stress everyone out. Stress Mikey out. And stress me out.

I do the best i can to keep my cool and keep my own personal problems at bay. The anxiety flys high and dammit once again someone just wants to f8ck with me and my friends. Ok ..well i'm just second in command here. You gotta deal with Mike now.
again ..i'm usually pretty reasonable. I work with Mike and the other mods to bend the rules for people. To try to keep peace on these silly forums and give everyone a fair shake. So yeh ..instead of contacting me directly.. .. you do this. Well it's out of my hands now. So.. no matter what happens now.. there will be no way i can compromise with anyone now. You've ruined it not just for everyone..but yourself.

It's real nice to know people will take advantage of a schizo and stab me in the back like that. Thanks man !!

As to the rest of you.. ONCE AGAIN..WE'RE WORKING ON IT. WE'LL GET THE FORUMS BACK UP A.S.A.P. ..check back here as the day goes by for more updates.'s been a very hard and dark weekend..but this is part of what we gotta deal with around here.

Thanks to the haters.. you sure know how to make me feel like a million bucks worth of sh7t.. and to friends.. thanks for your support and sorry for the inconvience.

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