Tuesday, December 14, 2004

-->> ..Shredder!? Lighting-itchy eyes ?? Clear Eyes has an ingredient  
<br /> to moisturize   !!

..TokyoPop have a manga rep second ta' none !! If you haven't checked out The Cine-Manga books ..(Graphic novel versions utilizing screen caps from the actual shows) from shows like "That's so Raven",Spongebob,Shrek 2, to Family Guy..they aren't too bad. The fist TMNT volume : "It's a Shell of A Town" adapts two of eps from season one ('Things Change', and 'The Unconvincing Turtle Titan'). With slick layout and a few cool GRAPH-X by Michel Dooney and Khary Randolph !! $7.99 .. makes a cool lil' stockin' stuffer.. well that's what i think.

Whatever.. i eat paste.

..Superman may have the #1 spot of All Time Greatest Super Heroes ..but click --here to see who rounds out the top 10 !!


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