Thursday, December 30, 2004

-->> ..i know who's gettin' lumps of coal NEXT YEAR !!

..Santa snatchers n' forum snatchers.. it's all relative..
..but here is a complete list on Amazon--(click here) .. of Simon Spotlight's Teenage mutant Ninja Turtles books.. including "Santa Snatchers" and a few others i missed as the TMNT library continues to grow !!

Keep an eye out for this awsome stencil book too fer all ya buddin' urban art guys n' girls !!

- Here's a great tip from my good buddy, N.turtle at T-drome ::

"..the recent devastating tsunamis that have claimed, as of right now, over 70,000 lives in Asia compel us to think outside our everyday behavior and routines. As you may know the damage is so widespread and the subsequent spread of diseases that the situation will incur only adds to the misfortune of those in the affected areas now. The total cost of this disaster is practically inconceivable and it will take a long time for things to return to an even fairly normal state. That is why I ask that you try to help in the processes of providing relief by making a donation, however small, to some of the aid organizations involved in the effort:

Network for Good (--starting here.)

The Network for Good has several donation options for multiple organizations that are doing work in affected zones right now.

..Thanks, N.T.


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