Wednesday, December 29, 2004


..thanks for all the support on the forum issue ,guys.
The elves are still working away at this trying to get it back up. So don't fret !!

The forums were hacked apperantly just 'CUZ' they think Mike is a big asshole and appearently tOkKa is simply too retarded to do anything about it.

This was all about revenge. GEE..just great.

I mean it's not like Mike is a real person ot anything. Naw.. it's not like he's busting his ass off to keep this website up. No way!! It's not like he's sinking his hard earned money into this website. NO !! It's all up here just like fucking magic. Not through some really nice people who have donated their own hard earned money to keep this place up. Or what little cheese i manage to work my ass off for to keep my part of the web site up. Naw.. we're not real people. Actually were just a bunch of f8cking cyber-robots ,who act like assholes to everyone and so we just get pwnz0red.. that's why we are OWN3D right now. We're not real hard working people at all. We're not real ..kind of like the cartoon characters this web site is based on. Naww..

..we're not really even a community here,right. Just a bunch od "morons" who congregate and bullsh7t. Right.

Awsome!! Yeh that's all Mike does is just sit behind some big fat monitor high above on some mountain of evil somehwere just trying to piss and hurt all you hackers out there.. just make you angry and hurt yir feelings.


To these people ..we aren't real. We aren't anything but sh7t. So be it.

We'll get things back together.. and we'll be stronger for it.

Thanks for support ,friends..

.. and to the haters ..well have your fun while it lasts..

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