Thursday, December 23, 2004

-->>..heh heh's fun to make baby Jesus cry !!

..that big ol' meanie ;Santa pulls another fast one he always does this time of year!!

Shoppin' at Wal-mart late last night..sho' nuff!!
..a slew of deluxe TMNTs were there all shiney on the pegs,Straight from Santa's workshop in the Norpole a.k.a. Hong Kong ..Oi !!

All 6 Air Ninja figures were there Foot Soldier,Shredder, and the TMNTs,With hoverboards,weapons,missles,hooks and pulleys..aaggh ..Turtle-air warfare !!
All 6 Turbo Basher Figs were on peg as well.. TMNTs,Shredder, and Zanramon....the little migets have a launcher so you can launch the figures at eachother and zoom out with pop-out blades for more air battles!!
EEsh.. I only had enough $$ to get the Foot Soldier Air Ninja and The Zanramon basher..but till kinda neat!!
See what Santa brings or save your gift certificates from Gramma for after the holiday ..these guys are roughly about 10 bucks a pop !! Bah humbungle!!

-- Our Forum's own Newton Gimmick has a special TMNT Christmas story he'd like to share with you --starting here !! Thanks, Newt !!


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