Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Hey gang. First off, I don't think anyone mentioned it, if so, I wasn't paying attention, but there is a sneak peak at a cool look at Splinter via a newer BLAST FROM THE PAST.

If you had to ask me about how excited I am about Dribble For Kids, you would hear me just start gabbing away for hours on end.

While you may not be that far yet, I am, and I'm towards the end of book 1/chapter 1, however you wish to call it, and we're getting into the "Action" stuff. We also got some kickass stuff coming from Kidsplitner regarding a cover for chapter/book 3. Which, again, he does some amazing stuff which makes me try to take it to the next plataeu. Doesn't always work, (aka, better than his. Actually that has yet to occur) but I do work harder at my art work. I began drawing a character who is extremely bad ass, and Kidsplinter designed him on a few rough sketches, (really only ONE sketch) I had drawn.

While it does nothing against the original art, I do think he looks completely cool. Just wait a few more pages or so, and you'll see what I mean!

But nuff bout the future. About today's page! Dun Dun Dun! You gotcha! It's Wil Wheaton (see the cover) under, well you'll find out when you read it! I have the feeling that one of you out there will not like the whole "Yellow" lightsaber thing. Personally, I have seen a few yellow lightsabers, officially endorsed by Lucasarts via their video games (See the Young Dark Jedi in Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight) and it personally blows me away. Imagine a black lightsaber. You darn right it's creepy cool. But being the background around the panels is black so it wouldn't just look the kind of "creepy cool" that I'd want.

I digress. Enjoy the new comic!

And away from D4K, on movie news... I'm gonna try to get something moving. Stay tuned for more details.

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