Friday, September 24, 2004

-->>..ya know..there's a real dirty joke in here sumwheres..
::from Previews Oct.2004..
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vol.4 #19
This Issue: A peculiar alien visitor drops in on the Xihad; Mike attends to the moody Regenta; Don learns more about the strange worls on the tepui; the Fugitoid goes "monster" hunting; Leo tries to geta straight answer out of Karai; & Casey loses it !!
34pgs,B/W .. $2.95

..available December 2004 !!

--..look maw !!'s a crusty scan (sorry) from the upcoming Air Ninja wave of figs..all with rocket boosters and 1-touch action that ejects wings for super stealth ninja flight !! A special pulley system and launch platform lets the turtles actually 'fly' .. !!

-- Mr. B's official TMNT web (amidst other updates)..continues his cool synaps of the IMAGE TMNT books (vol.3) -starting here !!

-- And Raka gives word that some slick new vid content has been added to the Konamy TMNT 2 page -starting here
..thanks Raka !!

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