Tuesday, September 28, 2004

-->>..turtle-skin's got baked potato appeal..!!
..Ho'okie,Groovey Gamers.. with advent of Next month's TMNT 2:Battle Nexus ..you may wanna hit up yir local 'Hollywood Video' ..to ger yir gear dressed up.. !! -Here's Why ::

"Designerskins.com console skins are selected by Hollywood Video’s Game Crazy unit for retail sales.
Desigenrskins.com the world leader in console skins, and Nuby Technologies, Inc. brings many of their hot new gaming title skins to market. These fresh new skins will be sold at participating Hollywood video’s Game Crazy retail stores.

(PRWEB) September 16, 2004 -- http://www.designerskins.com is proud to announce a deal with Nuby Technologies and Hollywood Video, which will bring their skins to the retail mass market. This deal will feature some of the hottest gaming titles ever reproduced on a console skin.

These skins will be displayed in a 6 color 24 pack retail counter top box. Each box will feature such skins as Ninja Gaiden, Yu-Gi-Oh, Dragon Ball Z, Soul Caliber II, TMNT, DOA Beach Volleyball, King of Fighters, and more. They will cover all of the major console systems such as XBOX, PS2, and Gamecube.

What these skins do is really two fold. First and foremost they will completely change the look of any gaming console by covering the console case with a brilliantly displayed high resolution vinyl cut graphic. Secondly, once applied, they will cover the console unit and protect it from scratches and markings that can be caused from regular unit wear and tear. This is a perfect way to customize your case without any harm while also adding a form of protection.

These skins will feature high resolution graphics and original artwork brought to you right from the individual gaming studios art departments. These graphics are developed distinctly for designerskins console skin products and are available only to designerskins distribution and retail customers.

These skins and thousands of others can be found in retail stores across the Nation starting September of 2004 and are also available on our main website http://www.designerskins.com this holiday season"

..you can find the -TMNT selection here.. on Designer Skin's d0t com !!
.. ..now all yir friends can tell ya you got 'one Slick unit..' !!


-- ..from T-drome's KRANG .. ::
The Technodrome is NOT gone for good. It WILL be back, more than likely after the next version of PHPBB software is released. It was taken down due to the constant arguing, the fact newbies have taken it over and spammed the hell out of it, and all the regulars abandoned it.

..stay tuned 'Dromers.. the Gen. discussion Forum on T-drome IS up -starting here !!


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