Thursday, September 30, 2004

-->>,,Ya ..dat ees Girlie Turtles here.. NO NO .. we work out ,den we PLAY HARD..DEN WE RUN FO'  GOVUHNAH OF DAH SEWAHS YA !!
..Mr.B's official TMNT sitehas all the production pix up (as reported last week ..) of the Air Ninjas,Ripped TMNTsTurbo Blasters,Knights, and the Big Brawl characters and a few others on the Toy Production page.. with some tentative release dates -starting here !!

--..also on the Main TMNT from RAKA ::
"The current (November 2004) issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) is on newsstands from now to October 19th. The demo disc included with newsstand copies of the magazine has a VERY short peek at TMNT 2:BN. The disc is not format-specific: it's just a regular DVD, so you don't need a game system to view it. That's the good news.

"The not-so-good news is that the look at TMNT 2 is only a matter of seconds: it's not even the length of the intro to the current series. I did slo-mo it for a more detailed look, and the graphics do look nice and crisp. Interestingly, there was more jumping around and avoiding obstacles than there was fighting action - don't know if that's a plus or a minus, we'll see. Most of the demo showed 4-player action, and it did move fairly smoothly at full speed (but again, this was a demo reel, so that's somewhat to be expected.)

"I myself personally would not recommend buying this issue strictly for the TMNT 2 coverage. There's lots of other good stuff on the disc and in the magazine, don't get me wrong. But I can't see spending six bucks strictly for what little space they give TMNT2. Caveat emptor, as the saying goes. But I will pass it along for the hardcore "gotta see it all" fans.

"The current issue of Play Magazine (October) is first up with a final review of TMNT 2: they gave it a B-.

"Gaming Target has posted a preview of TMNT2, neutral slant. -The link:

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