Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Chris Allen of Ak! Studioes ..has been hitting the spotlight alot lately not only earlier this year with the announcement of his work with ol' ARCHIE pal Dean Clarrain on November's Tales of TMNT #6 ..and last week's announcement of the never-before-seen 'Forever War' TMNT Adventures -Archie finale Trade.. ..this guy is really hot !!
..in case you haven't been able to checkout his gallery as posted below.. here's a breakdown of the covers that never were (but soon shall be) of a Turtle war that never was !! Remember 'TMNT Adventures' ended at Issue # 72 however Allen's run ended officially on #70 ..prior to the 'TMNT A. Year of The Turtle' Mini- . .. a little suprise follows ::

-- *TMNT Adventures #71 ..-Shredder Returns from the future bearing a gift !!

-- *TMNT Adventures #72 ..-The TMNT's ally;Israei super-hero ..Golani fight off attackers with 'Our Leader'..Saki staring off in the distance !!

-- *TMNT Adventures #73 ..-Donatello,Katmandu and Al'Falqa fight off some bugs..as Shredder apperantly brings back the Scumbug and Wyrm from the roach motel !!

-- *TMNT Adventures #74 ..-Leonardo and Ninjara (??) discover a very rat-ridden roof ruled by a certain 'King' !!

-- *TMNT Adventures #75 ..- What would have been the final issue of TMNTA ..the immortal enemies of Saki and Splinter grace this stunning cover and a falling turtle!!

-- *Ninjara - The Series ..- This one i was not aware of until i now!! Ninjara was a major supporting character for a few years in the Turtle's adventures (as if ya didn't know) ..as the TMNTA was dieing down ,Allen and Murphy's Ninjara was off to take on the world but unfortunately was never to be..however she lives on in furry fandom and a h3ll of alot of TMNT fans' hearts..

..i've known of the 'Forever War' for years now..& it's cancelation ;it'll be a real treat to see it come to life after all this time in 'no-print' for 'Allen and TMNT' fans alike..!!

..now before i can come up with some more catchy sap to slop.. i'm gonna leave ya to wallow in the wonderment that is 'Chris Allen' !!

..s'cuse me tho' ..i'm so tounge tied with all this sap i think i need to spew..
(gotta stop lickin' those pine trees..)

**Edit.. guess i'm not that smart .. Turkituck sez ::
After many years and about $40 worth of Furrlough backissues, I finaly have the 3 parts of the Ninjara story line in my possession. If anyone is interested in seeing where Ninjara's life took her after she left the guys, lemme know and I'll see what I can do about scanning the pages. ..

...totally blew me away !! ..that's what i get at updatin' at 4 in the mornin' minus sleep. ..Thanks so much T-tuck..fer keepin' the snapper inline.. i'm thankfully mistaken

(**rushes off to find teh Furrloughs..~~)

--..get along,gang !!
..kinda late but still ..if you missed T-drome's Late 2004 - 2005 figure coverage..

..here's a cool and quick run down..

-- The Big Brawl mini-series has spawned a whole slug-fest of new TMNT figs
..including Traximus the Triceraton and Gen ,Miyamoto Usagi's Rhino Ruffian pal..amoung some other combatants,villians and the Daimyo himself -starting here !!

-- ..The Triceraton's Twisted Leader 'Zanramon' get's his souped up coup hot-wired by the green guys in the galaxy -starting here !!

-- ..Beefed up TMNTs, Knightly Shell-backs.. and some Turtle Tunnelers - start here !!

-- Now get ready for some of the most insane and coolest TMNTs yet ..a 'Crashin' Mikey on a triPP board,Ninja Action Villians and Splinter,sky-hi Air Ninjas, a very Air Ready Foot Soldier,a sky shreddin Saki,some rippin' twisted Turbo Bashers ..and the deformed 'Zanramon ' ..himself !! -starts here !!

..special thanks to Splinter at T-drome for the rips..(you may not like me,man..but thanks for the inadvert help none-the-less..)

-- ..don't spoil yourself.. but get the low-down on TMNT's Season 3 courtesy of TMNT Series producer Lloyd Goldfine and Mr.B on the official TMNT -starting here..!!

-- ::from Mr. B ::
Here's an important message to those of you in the Milwaukee area:

I am writing to you to let you know that effective immediately, WCGV 24, the former FoxBox affiliate in Milwaukee, WI, has discontinued airing all FoxBox programming. As a result, anyone living in Milwaukee or the surrounding areas cannot watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or any FoxBox shows (besides waiting for the CN reruns.)

I am hoping that you might consider making a mention of this on your site, and let Milwaukee TMNT fans that they can at least voice their objections by calling WCGV at (414) 442-7050 and speaking to the programming department. Hopefully, with enough phone calls, they could reconsider.

Thanks for reading,
Jim Patzer


**..after last week's little hack-attack.. the updates here had been kind of put on hold as we've been sorting out the future of Mikey's TMNT news page..
..for now we're back up and running. But due to some new blogger changes.. all this will be changing (for the better) once poor Mikey's new layout and news system is in effect..stay tuned as we bite our fingernails and walk on all the broken shards in Blogger's glasshouse .. and thanks for the quick fix,Mike !!

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