Wednesday, June 11, 2008

-->>Part iii of Benjamin Ong Pang Kean's TMNT 25 interview set is up.

This time with the low-down from the big man himself:: Mr. Pete Laird.

(( including some interesting notes on a ' HYBRID ' TMnt movie sequal ))

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TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES / 7inch ACTION FIGURE SERIES 1.5 BLACK and WHITE alternate : 4 PACK :: Medium Peek [[  Courtesy of ]]

-- Found a bit larger image of the B/W NECA Turtle variants yesterday on a Japan Toy site stating that they are :: ** Due in 2008, around July ( ?! )

.. it is possible. Stay tuned as i follow this.

-- Official Site ::

7:00 AM

Will & Dewitt = CW4Kids

7:30 AM

Magi-Nation= CW4Kids

8:00 AM

Viva Pinata = 4Kids

Tom and Jerry Tales = CW4Kids

8:30 AM

Viva Pinata= 4kids

Tom and Jerry Tales= CW4Kids

9:00 AM

TMNT Classic=4kids

Chaotic = CW4Kids

9:30 AM

TMNT Classic= 4kids

The Spectacular Spider-Man= CW4Kids

10:00 AM

Sonic X= 4kids

The Spectacular Spider-Man = CW4Kids

10:30 AM

Dinosaur King = 4kids

TMNT: Fast Forward = CW4Kids

11:00 AM

Kirby Right Back At Ya= 4kids

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX = CW4Kids

11:30 AM

Winx Club = 4kids

The Batman = CW4Kids

Josh "Turtle Kid" Rotunda sent in the following info

** Hi Guys,
Wanted to let you know if you attend the San Diego Comic Con that NECA has an exclusive that we the TMNT fans would love to get our hands on. It is a limited edition set of 3 Mousers. They also come with a base and a manhole cover that says "San Diego" on it. has more details in case anyone wants to know.

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