Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Gutwallow Returns !!

-->> Official Site .. :: TALES 51 CHECK IT OUT ON THE BOOKS OF THE FUTURE PAGE !! !!

- ** Posted TMNT Volume #11 on the site - read it here.

- Dan B :: " Peter Laird, Jim Lawson and Eric Talbot began the long trek via car to Charlotte, NC this morning to attend the Heroes Con. Michael Dooney and I (Dan Berger) will be flying out tomorrow. We all hope to arrive safe and sound and shoot the summer breeze with those of you who can attend at the show. It's gonna be a blast! "

-- ..Paleo - POWER Vaughn has a review of the latest blast from the past :: Paleo Mini - mutants !! ( ** CLICK )

..also in case ya missed it, the latest in fo on SDCC NECA Exclusive ' NON - CHOMPING ' Mousers.. ( ** CLICK )

..Thanks, Vaughn !!


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