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TMNT - Back  to the Sewers : Raphael expresions  (( 1988 )) [[ Courtesy & Chris @ 4kids ]]

"The mighty Chris from 4Kids has once again sent us some images of character designs for the upcoming "TMNT Back to the Sewers" season - this go 'round we have the new versions of Mikey and Raph and an image of the gang's size comparison chart. As always, click the small image ( TEXT ~t ) to open a larger version in a pop-up window:"

**Mike rotation

**Raph rotation



**Mike heads

**Raph expressions

**The starting line-up size chart

** **

CC wrote in to inform us that the Comics Continuum site has reported that "TMNT: Fast Forward" joins The CW 4Kids lineup on Saturday, June 21st.

Ryan wrote in with this info:

' I just wanted to let you know that Hot Topic has updated their TMNT collection. They now have: TMNT key toppers, TMNT beanies, NECA figures, new T-Shirt designs (featuring Bebop & Rocksteady and Casey Jones), TMNT pins, a new sticker, wristbands and the 3-pack of the Ninja Turtle live action movies. Also, iTunes has an album by the DWP Dance Project where they have taken the TMNT theme and turned it into dance music, and a band by the name of "Horse the Band" has covered the original theme song. '


"Peter Laird found some old photos that he took back in the day of some "first strikes" (intial castings taken from a mold) of the original Playmates Toys TMNT line. This is a neat opportunity to see how much detail went into the sculpts without them being obstructed by the paint jobs (if you think that sort of thing is cool, like we do :) Also included are two really old pix of an ├╝ber cool early version of Rocksteady (I think this may have been used during the initial pitch between Playmates and Mirage)! Click the thumbnail pix ( TEXT ) to open larger versions in pop-up windows."

**Early Rocksteady

**Rocky and Donny


**Baxter Stockman front

**Baxter 3/4 view

**Casey Jones front

**Casey back

**Fugitoid front

**Fugitoid back

**Leatherhead right

**Leatherhead left

**Mutagen Man front

**Mutagen Man back

**Scumbug front

**Scumbug back

**Triceraton front

**Triceraton left

**Turtlecycle right

**Turtlecycle left

e have sets of the NECA TMNT action figure four pack (the regular store release, not a convention exclusive) available for order via Paypal for U.S. citizens here. Sorry gang - international shipping is getting to be crazy expensive and a royal pain, so we don't plan to ship toys across the border.

** We also have a few sets of the four individual TMNT figures (Leo, Don, Mike and Raph) on hand that are available for U.S. orders for $15.95 each plus shipping ($4.95 shipping for one figure, $7.95 shipping for two figures, $8.50 shipping for three figures or $9.00 shipping for all four figs). If you're interested in these, please contact us via the "fanmail at" e-mail address. We'll sell 'em on a first-come-first-served basis (I didn't put them on the cart page because we don't have very many of 'em, so if there's any interest, they'll probably sell out quickly).


"Just a heads up that the "Ninja Tribunal" DVD should be available now at your local Target store. Word from 4Kids is that the Season Two Part 2 set (13 episodes) is scheduled to ship the first week of September."


- Courtesy of Steve Murphy ..

'Music' Don [[ Courtesy of Steve Murphy ]]

-- Via Roseangelo .. ::



" **Tales of the TMNT #46 Now Available

Oops, I think I've slacked on posting comic releases lately.

So in case you weren't aware, Tales of the TMNT #46, "Temps" by Dan Berger and Jim Lawson, was released to comic shops last week. This story is set in the middle of the Volume 1 arc "City at War" and is one of the stronger issues of Tales we've seen lately.

If you haven't yet sporked your local comic shop into carrying the title, you can get it direct from Mirage at"


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