Wednesday, September 05, 2007

-->> Kevin Eastman on Newsarama.. ((Turtle Days .. Turtle Nights..)) !!

Courtesy of A. Modeen exceedingly honest and revealing chat with Mr.Eastman ..

..the real deal on TMNT & bustin' the myths straight,Heavy Metal's animated and live action Futures.. and return to the MELTING POT .. ..

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-Courtesy of Anamoly ((thanks,buddy !!)) ::

Just letting you know, now through the 8th at some Toys R Us's TMNT action figures are buy 2 get one free.

- Official important news bits from the official TMNT d0t com ..::

4Kids TV Fall Line-up beginning September 8:

8:00 AM - Winx Club EI (will be replaced with Adrenaline Project EI on September 29th)

8:30 AM - YGO GX

9:00 AM - Chaotic

9:30 AM - TMNT Fast Forward

10:00 AM - TMNT Fast Forward

10:30 AM - Dinosaur King

11:00 AM - Viva Pinata

11:30 AM - Sonic X

- Leif sent in the following info:

Here is some news that may interest you. In the UK there have been new releases of episodes from "Ninja Turtles - The Next Mutation":

A re-release of the first DVD with the "East meets West" story (episodes 1-5) came out on July 2, 2007:

But a more interesting release came out on July 16, 2007:

This is a package with three DVDs. The first is the same as "East Meets West" while the second is a re-release of the DVD with "Staff of Bu-ki", "Silver & Gold" and "Meet Dr. Quease" (episodes 6-8). The third contains "All In The Family", "Trusting Dr. Quease" and "Windfall" (episodes 9-11). As far as I know is it the first time the three later episodes have been released on DVD with the original English language (episodes 1-12 were previously released in the German language).

- From S. Murphy ..::

Well, it's not exactly movie sequel news but perhaps it'll help...
This past Friday Mirage was informed that Warner Brothers is going to begin pushing/
publicizing the TMNT movie in the hopes of getting it nominated for an Oscar for Best Animated Film of 2007. Again, this is not yet an official Oscar nomination but rather WB's saying that they're going to start up their hype machine in order to try to get TMNT nominated



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