Sunday, September 30, 2007

-->> ..once in a blue-moon, i'll get asked things regarding the latest TMNT news and gossip and questions why Mikey's TMNT isn't updated more often,questions regarding downloads, and even people confused as if Tokka may indeed be Mikey himself (( assure'ya.. i'm NOT ..)).

I try to explain this time and again the best i can.

As far as downloads,video,media or any other information about the Turtles that has slowly continued to grow since 1998 .. all questions and inquiries go to **Mikey himself. The boss & owner of this domain here and generally the main guy i gotta report to. If there is anything i can help him with.. he forwards me inquiries and we go from there.

But most in-site media and the like questions should go to him as i don't have any control over content that Mike himself puts on the site or what fans and media companies sumbit to him.

General TMNT questions or things regarding t2z - my own site,general TMNT news releases,gossip and the like ..i am always gladly to respond to your requests as quick as i can. **So get in touch with me and i'll help ya out with all my snapper might.

I 'Round-up the weeks News best i can .. as Mikey's schedule has ever increased in sporatric-ness, tOkKA's workload has also increased and become continuously unstable. That's why up to the minute TMNT updates aren't awlays possible at this time. But between Nick,Mikey,n' me ..and a very loose network of friends,contacts, fansites,and official ones ..we make it work.

Constantly on the lookout on forums,feeds,news blogs,official and unoffical sources.. creators,illustators,designers, and TMNT writers .. it ain' a secret that i'm pretty obsessive. So i put that to good use in gathering up all the bits of gossip all in one place. As time and energy allows. Been here since 2001 n' me and the Turtles show no signs of lettin' up as far as growth of the franchise. Be advised i'm doin' all i can to bring you the most imparative information you need to make the most outta your TMNT fetish and fun for the fandom. that's where it's at. Hope i answered some questions.

..i'll have the Round-up ready shortly. Thanks for your patience with me over the years. I know i'm a schizo-snapper always bitin' off more than i can chew. But well ..sometimes i'm chewin' pizza WITH the Turtles instead of all their fat. See ya !!


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