Thursday, May 10, 2007

-->> TMNT Fast Foward U.K. & Tristan Jones

- Thanks to A.Modeen :: "Tristan Jones, writer of "Tales of the TMNT" Vol. 2#36 as well as the UK Titan "Fast Forward" comics has conducted an interview with me for the Ninja Turtles Empire. Check it out here :

**Click for the interview.. .."

- Thank you to Hero for pointing out the fresh release of TMNT F.F. MAGAZINE ..!! ::

Hero:: "I managed to pick up a couple of copies of the said comic today. The first issue is bundled with a fancy little skateboard launcher (with the skateboard on a bigger scale than the usual tech deck).

The main strip is scripted by Trist Huw Jones and drawn by Anthony Williams (best known for Sonic The Comic and The Real Ghostbusters) and looks pretty decent. The second strip is a
reprint of the Raphael TMNT Movie prequel comic IN COLOUR!"

Hero also provided me with a preview for the second issue..check'it !!


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