Wednesday, May 16, 2007

-->> ..Gosh it's been a crazy few months .. when all the movie news washed me away earlier this year, so much cool Turtle stuff n' tid-bits got swept aside or under the rug like Michelabgelo's left over pizza crumbs !! Some of it i didn't even see at all..until now. With the current television Turtles lookin' to go thru' yet another facelift and TMNT 4 DVDs n' stuff oozin' ever so slowly outta the media mutagen can.. i'm thinkin' a quick Round-up is in order so i can get some gooey stuff outta the way !! Oy!!

- ..Courtesy of A.Modeen .. the TMNT Fanatical eps are not on Youtube !!

A.M. ::

Part One : **

Part Two : **

Part Three : **

Part Four : **

- Courtesy of 4 Colorrebellion &

Fellow Gamer and Video Game concept artist Angie Lai rendered a beautiful Raphael..that your Moron-snapper totally let slip ((stoopit stoopit..!!))

**Click the Thumb below for Angie's depict- of everyone's favourite mood-monger in the full pic ..

** Click for Angie's PDF portfolio .. !!

- TMNT - TV .. in for another revamp

Via.. T-drome.. with thanks to Tortugapower (noted insider),Roseangelo,V.M. and Cybercubed..::'s the notes i took .. -

Tortugapower::Fast Forward is done. One of the partners in the shows production has decided to not go ahead with the planned new episodes that would have comprised the next season, I will not say who or why for now.

So for the moment there will be no Space Usagi showing up, let alone any of the other things that were planned, which I will not reveal here.

So what happens to the show? It's not canceled, the show will likely be re-developed, your guess is as good as mine as to what the result may be... but either way production will not resume until sometime later this year.

So it's not the end of the world - but it may come as bad news for some.

Originally Posted by CyberCubed
Does that mean 10 eps of Fast Forward were in production but were cancelled?

Yes. They are dead in the water.

Originally Posted by CyberCubed
Does that mean they were as far along as the Lost season before that got axed?

They were not that far along. Lost Season is complete (except for "Nightmare's Recycled" which is only in work print form, meaning it's watchable but has no music/foley/dialogue or animation retakes.)

From all I hear the retooling will probably make the show more along the lines of the movie.

..stay tooned' ..

Official Site spots from Dan Berger.. -

- ** Posted the extended synopsis (with screenshots) for Episode #123 "Bishop To Knight".

- New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Comic launches in the UK!

Individual issues cost £2.60

13 subscription is only £28.75

For subscription info **click here (hopefully it will take you to a TMNT page soon).

-Storm Eagle sent in the following info:

I don't know if this has been brought to the attention of the site yet, but according to, the TMNT movie from March of this year will be out on VHS on August 7.

- More info on the U.K. Mag courtesy of Hero..::
Hero::"I managed to pick up a couple of copies of the said comic today. The first issue is bundled with a fancy little skateboard launcher (with the skateboard on a bigger scale than the usual tech deck).

The main strip is scripted by Trist Huw Jones and drawn by Anthony Williams (best known for Sonic The Comic and The Real Ghostbusters) and looks pretty decent. The second strip is a reprint of the Raphael TMNT Movie prequel comic IN COLOUR! "

- Also from Hero::

.."..grabbed a free copy of Toxic from this weekends Bristol Comics Expo. Inside was a couple of TMNT goodies including Gross Grub! .."

.. >v<

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