Wednesday, May 30, 2007

-->> ..'k brain n' beak are about to explode.. ((..yeh it's apea-brain..but i ain' lookin' for some split-peas soup on my pizza heres so ..i better take this a step-at-a-time..))

..i'll start the Round-up of TMNT bits n' bites from the past week's TMNT news now n' finish up when i get back from work n' feed ya some more Turtle Kibbles n' Bits.... i just luve them Kibbles n' bits ..RAWWRRF !!..

- **OUT NOW AT YOUR FAVOURITE SHOP AND on AMAZON!! ..Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Season 1, Part 1 (2003) **

- Out later..

Mirage: "August will see the release of not one, but TWO Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles DVD releases! Lionsgate will release the entirety of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon's fifth season across a 3 disc boxed set (which saw the animated debuts of characters such as Mondo Gecko, Muckman and Joe Eyeball, Groundchuck, Tattoo, Wingnut and Screwloose) while Warner Bros. will release this years TMNT feature film on all DVD formats! Both are expected in stores early August - .. .. "

((Check out the cool HDDVD/DVD combo disc !! [!?] ~tOkK))

- Courtesty of A. Modeen ; Mirage Studios officially is now on Myspace !! Friend'em now !! ::

> > > " Here it is :


> > > Yes, it's legit. "

- Thanks to Dierna ::" Check it out folks. Previews, clips, sneak peaks of
ALL the new shows coming out this fall. From sci-fi to
comedy to drama to reality.

For TMNT fans: Paige Turco (movie 2 and 3 April) will
be seen this fall in Big Shots, Judith Hoag (movie 1
April) will be seen this fall in "Wild At Heart" (a
dramady set in Africa!), and James Saito (movie
Shredder) is in "Eli Stone"...2 of the shows ("Eli
Stone" and "Big Shots") are on ABC! ..

**(Click) .."

- Standard and important updates from Danny B.'s original TMNT dot c0m.. ,fromt he past 7 + days or so ..::

DAN B. ::

- **Posted a page that illustrates the differences between the first three printings of TMNT volume one #1 as another forgery showed up on eBay this week. Click here to view it.

- ** J.W. Cornelius sent in two new PSP wallpapers.

- |**Greg Cook sent in an image of the 1993 Giant Trolls TMNT figures.

- Several people have sent in the following link regarding the TMNT Season Five (original series) DVD:

**( posted above)

- Trey sent in the following link regarding the second TMNT: Fast Forward DVD release:

- Dan has also incorperated a Google co=op search engine into the site .. the site is just a veritable Turtle library. And after over 10 years online's got volumes of good stuff !!

**Click here to get a help on searchin' for what ya need.

..more later when i return from work ..

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