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-->> ..Cereal:Geek #1

The other month,Mikey was sent in an slick,glossy U.K. based publication tip ::Cereal:Geek - Animation of the Eighties..

Sadly ..the cool news kinda got buried under the massive attack of movie news that followed during the weeks subsequent. So here we'll dig out one cool quarterly and take another look at a great book dedicated to a slice of animation history that refined n' defined a generation..and anymore is pretty timeless. Also Slick new artwork ::

cereal:geek is the new magazine from Busta Toons Productions that focuses strictly on animation from the eighties. On a quarterly basis this 100 PAGE glossy publication with NO ADVERTS features refreshing and enlightening articles, illustrations, scripts, storyboards, a wealth of unseen production materials from your favorite shows, and interviews with those individuals that helped shape this particular decade of animation history! Dungeons & Dragons, G.I. Joe, Galaxy High School, He-Man, Jem, M.A.S.K., The Real Ghostbusters, She-Ra, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, ThunderCats and The Transformers are just some of the shows that appear in the first issue!

Also inside is fresh new comic art on your favourite shows ..incluiding TMNT of coarse !!

"..There are plenty of Ninja Turtles related goodies in the first issue, including illustrations by professional comic artists alongwith an in-depth look at the intro sequence. .. issue #2 will featurea new illustrated pin-up of the Channel Six news team!"

£6.00 (includes postage, packaging, and shipping anywhere in the world!)/$12.00 (again, includes postage, packaging, and shipping)

**Click here for ordering info and more previews.. !!

News via T-drome::

- Thanks to EctoCooler :: New TMNT toy pix ..

**CLICK - http://toynewsi.com/news.php?catid=20&itemid=11199

**CLICK - http://i.toynewsi.com/g/index.php?mode=album&album=TMNT%2FFall_07_Basic_Figure&dispsize=600&start=0

- Thanks to Fixer and Roseangelo for a spot i totally missed in April..EESh !! .. ::

FIXER ::.." wonder if you've already encountered these...
They're plush TMNT figures made by Play-by-play, a plush toy company from
Valencia, Spain. Apparently, they have a truckload full of licences. This is the list on

their website:

**CLICK - http://www.pbpes.com/index.asp?modo=licencias

Strangely enough, the TMNT licence isn't on the site...
Well, anyway... Their TMNT plushes are great. Their shells, plastrons, elbow- and kneepads

are made in some sort of cool fake leather which looks really great. Also, the iron bars in

their arms 'n legs make 'em posable
They have this oldschool 'Muppet' quality about them.


I got my movie Mike plush today - He's HUGE!!!!

Here's a comparison pic with my old school Mike plush:


..**CLICK here for an Ebay seller with many plushes available..

- Thanks to A.Modeen and Tristan Huw Jones for the follwin'..::


Tristan Jones, writer of "Tales of the TMNT" Vol. 2,
#33 has posted on the Ninja Turtles Empire board this
snippet :

"Check it out guys - the preview for Tales #33 by
Murph and Mike Manley has just gone up! While you're
there, check out the newer previews for my own #36!
Head on over to comicscontinuum.com for Augusts
solicitations too! Links below:

** Click - http://au.comics.ign.com/articles/786/786236p1.html

** Click - http://www.comicscontinuum.com/stories/0705/07/index.htm

For the original article, click here :

Looks awesome! Tristan intends to literally revisit
"City at War" from Vol. 1, with -- for lack of a
better word -- badass art!

- Roundin' out.. Danny B.'s offical Turtle site updates ::

- ** Click .. Posted the extended synopsis (with screenshots) for Episode #122 "Playtime's Over".

- **Greg Cook sent in a picture of Giant Slam Dunk Don from 1992.

- *Vaughn Michael(infamous ~t).. sent in box pix of the **(Click)Talkin' Turtle Communicator (1993) and **Krang's Android Body (1992).

- abc123xyz890 sent in pix of the boxed ** (Click)Super Mutant Splinter (1994) and **Cheapskate (I'm guessing 1988 - I think it was in the first assortment - if not, I'm sure someone will let me know :)

- Christina sent in this info:

"I was browsing **Hottopic.com and came across four pages of TMNT gear and DVDs. They even have shirts for us ladies! Just put "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" in the search bar. Thought everyone would like to know! .."

- Marius sent in the followin ginfo:

I've just located the other Next Mutation DVDs. It could be they're dubbed in German:

**Next Mutation DVD 3

**Next Mutation DVD 4

**Next Mutation 4 Disc DVD Set


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