Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Okay, guys, here's the good word from Rich over at Alan Taylor (4Kids PR ppl):

Hi Mike,
I have a interesting piece of news that could work well on your website. I do know that many of your viewers and fans would have an interest in this information. The website (www.4Kids.TV), is now allowing gamers to sample over 100 downloadable games for FREE. It includes various levels and features in addition to a feature which allows gamers to collect and play games on their computers, regardless of whether they are on or offline.

Here's the press release:

Over 600 Products Available on 4Kids TV™ Website

Mega Games Section Also Added to Site - Over 100 Games For Kids of All Ages to Enjoy

NEW YORK – (November 30, 2005) – 4Kids Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE: KDE) has launched an exciting new feature - the 4Kids TV Shop – on its 4Kids TV™ website (www.4Kids.TV).

The new 4Kids TV Shop, which enables visitors to conveniently purchase items via, features over 600 cool products such as toys, cards, books, DVDs and apparel from popular 4Kids properties and 4Kids TV programs such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles®, Winx Club™, Yu-Gi-Oh!®, Cabbage Patch Kids®, One Piece™, American Kennel Club™, Artist Collection: The Dog™ / The Cat™, Monster Jam®, Bratz®, Sonic X™ and G.I. Joe Sigma 6™.

“With the increasing popularity of online shopping, we felt it was important to provide kids and their families with a safe and convenient place to shop for their favorite 4Kids licensed products, as well as products from their favorite 4Kids TV shows,” said Alfred R. Kahn, Chairman and CEO of 4Kids Entertainment.

In addition, the 4Kids TV website has launched a Mega Games section, featuring over 100 exciting downloadable games, such as Monopoly™, Shrek 2 Ogre Bowl™ and RollerCoaster Tycoon 2™. These games, created in partnership with Boonty Games™, are playable online or via a free download. There are a set of levels and features available in the free version, with the option to purchase a full-featured version for less than $20.00. Kids can also download the technology for the 4Kids MegaGames HQ Box, which allows them to collect and play games on their computers, regardless of whether they are on or offline.

“We’re always striving to provide our fans with an immersive online experience,” said Jonathan Widro, Director of Internet Operations at 4Kids Entertainment. “With online gaming one of the leading drivers of traffic to 4Kids.TV, expanding our gaming section was a natural decision to make.”

The 4Kids TV website provides kids with 24/7 access to streaming videos of their favorite 4Kids’ cartoons, show information, games, music, downloads and much more.

4Kids TV airs Saturday mornings from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. (ET) on FOX. The popular lineup includes Magical DoReMi™, Bratz, Winx Club, Sonic X, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and G.I. Joe Sigma 6.

Much thanks to Rich for dropping me a note! It's much appreciated! :D
So have at it, guys!

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