Sunday, November 20, 2005

.. we sound fabulous !! **BRRAAAPP ..oi,too many olives on that last pizza thar' ..

-->> are looking at a small rep- of the cover art for the new Interactive Play-and-Sound Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles storybook by one of tOkK'z faves and fan-fave Designer play-boy : **Khary Randolph..!! Good flippin' bought a TMNT figure,DVD, saw a display stand with Turtles, or many other TMNT stuffs.. there's a good chance Khary's art work is on it !! ..he's one of 4-Kids.. TOP artists .. (you can also he his work on Cartoon Newtwork's 'The Boondocks' .. Khary helps with Character dev- ..!!) !!

**..the book is being put out by Publications International ..and should be available soon ..

-- Word in from the official TMNT d0t com and Mr.B .. :

"A lot of people have been asking how Leonardo's shell was scarred in season four - and unfortunately I've been giving the wrong answer (my sincerest apologies). After hearing numerous debates about it, I finally got the sense to e-mail series producer Lloyd Goldfine and ask him for the straight dope, and he wrote: "We always thought that Shredder carved that chunk out of Leo’s shell during their fight." (Leonardo fought with the super-sized Shredder in Episode #78, "Exodus" Part Two) I thought it was from the stab wound that Leonardo received from Karai, and it was drawn so large so viewers could see it - but I was wrong. Never assume!"

"Buslady sent in this info:

"Cool Christmas goodies I found at Target! I took a pic of all three items. There is a little trashcan with a hinge to open it up, and features Raph and Don. Inside are a pack of little turtle-shaped candies. Then there's the ornament with Mikey on it, this also includes a smaller pack of the turtle candies. And a four pack of foil wrapped chocolate featuring the guys.""

**Click here to see the goods !!

- Playmate's updated their gallery with pix from a recent..
TMNT - LIVE show .. **click here !!
.. one of the biggest TMNT billboards ever !!


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