Friday, November 04, 2005

Witch Doctor DON..OO EE oo AHAH !!

-->> The nightmare blitz & more reviews to add to Nitro's mix-news for TMNT III w/Decent photo album on Yahoo **start here ..

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--**Playmates Toys REVAMPED it's official TMNT toy site (clickit' here !!)

The Turtles figures section includes previews of the new TMNT M.E.S.S. there's new stuff to D.L. and take up hard drive space.. ;)


-- ** Wanna win a ride on 'LIFE-SIZE' Sewer Spewer (and other tight TMNT stuff)..CN and 4KIDS have a contest that's easy for you to enter..

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-- Let's hunker down ..and tune into Dan B. and TMNT official d0t coms..::

Playmates Toys' Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2006 release schedule:

Spring action figure releases:

Paleo Patrol Mike, Raph, Don, and Leo

Paleo Patrol Splinter

Savanti Romero




Spring vehicle releases:

Dino Runner Mike (packaged with an Allosauras)

Dino Runner Raph (packaged with a Triceratops)

Dino Capture Vehicle

Tricera Tank

Fall action figure releases:

TMNT: "Fast Forward" - The Turtles are accidentally thrust 99 years into the future where Manhattan Island is a settling point for numerous alien species from all over the galaxy. When the TMNT find themselves thrust into a "dark" future, they must team up with Cody Jones, descendant of the Turtles’ former ally.

Fall action figure releases:

Future Mike, Raph, Leo, Don and Splinter

Dark Mike, Raph, Leo and Don


Baxter Stockman

Rat King



Purple Dragon


.."..Josh "Turtle Kid" Rotunda sent in the following info:

"If you go over to Playmates Toys official site and look up Ninja Turtles - action figures - basic figures - Turtles - M.E.S.S. There is a new set of the Turtles called M.E.S.S.

"I also found something weird in my TMNT figure hunt yesterday. It may be nothing but here it goes. Mystic Fury Mike has one eye open and one eye closed on the actual figure. Well, the figures that were released to Wal-Mart that have the bonus DVD are different. The Mystic Fury Mike that comes with the DVD has both eyes open. I thought it was a mess up, so I grabbed a few Mystic Fury Mikes to compare them. It seems that the regular ones without the DVD have one eye open and one closed and the one with the DVD has two eyes open. So I checked around Kay Bee, Toys R Us and Target only get the ones without the DVD and they all have only one eye open. But Wal-Mart gets both versions and the DVD ones are a Wal-Mart promotion as far as I can tell and are only out for a limited time. I thought you may want to know."


-- Eddie j2 sent in some new Sound files to the TMNT site ..

**starting here.. 2 HEAR some tOkKa faves from the 'OOZE'..!! ..

.. now excuse me.. i got some ..i gotta kitten in the oven..(no no .. i'm not eat it.. it's been trapped there for 6 hours... i'm gonna rescue her !!

..Then i'll eat her.. kiddin' kiddin',kitten..)


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