Friday, December 02, 2005

..i don't see no tirdle !!

-->> Quick summary on Turtley bits n' bites.. make no bones about it ..even over the Turkey leftovers..

- The official TMNT dot com ..
..has.. (in case ya missed it)..proof that the 4-KIDS press release last week was correct. The TMNT were following along in the parade and unless you were there live .. you really had to squint to see 'em..
'Kellie F. sent in the following info regarding the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade:

"I'm sure by now you've already gotten some mail asking where the TMNT were in the Macy's Parade. As far as I know, NBC didn't even mention them. I actually saw the parade live, and yes, I did see them. I figured you might want some pictures. I was at 58th and Broadway when these were taken:" ..'

- ..*Snap shots here ** & here ** !!

- Other official news..::

" Dan K sent in the link below with detailed info regarding the next DVD release from FUNimation: (..The next set of vids include an all new design layout for the packaging.. **full story..--click here !! ~tOkK ..)

- Wayne Smale created the following "movie poster" for the upcoming film from Imagi (this isn't an official or real poster, but it is cool):** (View here) !!

- "Tallow sent in the following wicked cool story from Japan:

'I am sending this e-mail to you to show, ah, joke. Not funny, though. But I wanted to tell you this.

Well, I am Japanese (and I am sorry if my English is strange. I am still just a learner.) and there is this ancient barrow in Japan. The barrow names Kitora Ancient Tomb.

People says it is a tomb of a highly noble person like a prince of the emperor or an ancient king who ruled the rimland. No one knows the truth.

Anyway, it has a painting on its wall which is very unique for an ancient tomb in Japan. The painting is all about the celestial gods including Uranometry. As for the gods, there's two types:

1.) The four gods; Blue Dragon, Red Phoenix, White Tiger, Black Warrior (it's a turtle.)

2.) The twelve gods (a.k.a. the Oriental Zodiac.) And this twelve gods, they have a rat. The rat looks like Splinter!

See this picture I took from the museum. I was so pleased to find a Splinter in ancient (about 1300 years ago) Japan! After all he already was in Japan before Shredder. **- Click to view !!

-Mirage's official Comic archives include recent additions of some classic Books..

- GOBBLEDYGOOK #1 **starts here !!

-GOBBLEDYGOOK #2 **starts here..
Kidos.. these 2 books go into TMNT PRE-history and include the orgin of Mirage's eldest character and TMN pal : The Fugitoid !!

- 'Turtle Mania' is **here ..(an extremly rare TMNT special edition ..very elusive book !!

- Sequential Tart features an article on Nevada's recentAnime Vegas Con..and a buncha good stuffs on the TMNT V.A. cast n' super fans !! **Read it here !!


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