Wednesday, July 06, 2005

-->> ..2 for one galactic discount !!

Last night Wal-mart.. doing my usual toy cruise..

There were stacks of TMNT Bonus packs on the pegs. Figure 2 packs in the older style packaging that has been around scince the TMNT toy line came out in late 2002 ..but on the same card (actually making one large card). The assortments included older figs : Scuba gear,Space Hoppin' TMNTs, Fighting gear, regular TMNTs,assorted villians & Turtle allies. Again while the assortment is older.. the price was the same as one regualr figure ;..under 6 bucks !! Baisically ..

Two figures for the price of one !!

I don't know if thiis is a Wal-mart exclusive..whatever the case.. if you missed some of the earlier figures from the past couple years.. this would be a great bargain and chance to catch up on your Turtle collection !!

-- The Electronic Stealth Effect Roleplay weapon assortments ..have been added to the official TMNT web site toy collective !!

-- T drome's N-turtle ::..

Sorry folks, on a second hard look it appears as if I spoke to early, the TMNT won't be on the 5:00 PM timeslot on Cartoon Network according to official TV listings. It appears as though Cartoon Network's online schedule is having a couple of glitches for the 4th and 5th of July, reposting older schedules or something. So keep those letters coming...

-- Here is a Gamespot's little TMNT 3 video game blurb.. in case ya missed it !!


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