Saturday, July 09, 2005

..get yir head on straight,PEZ heads!!

-->> Finally !! TMNT PEZ 2005 !!

Hit up the candy isles.. look for PEZ end caps and keep a eye on the candy pegs.. all 4 Turtles in new faces n' new PEZ-ies for the new millenium !! They are out there, kids!!

-- A warning from Dan B. at the official TMNT dot c0m.. ..

We've been getting mail regarding the showing of the TMNT movie trailer at this year's San Diego Comic Con. As it turns out, Imagi is not sure yet whether or not they will show the trailer at San Diego, so only time will tell if it happens or not. Definitely do not go to the show with the sole intent of seeing the trailer, as it might not be there

We'll see what happens.. i leave for San Diego Wensday ..8/


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