Wednesday, July 20, 2005

..i'd give ya some tips n' tricks on Ninja shtuff.. but time is runnin' out n' i'm runnin'  a little short.. !! ..ehhh.. you'll get it in a second..

..guess who..!?

After a relatively TMNT-saned (unless you count Kevin Eastman and the Heavy Metal crew.. and the TMNT fan friends..) comic-con.. the nil' Turtle presence was depressing. However.. upon my return..just a flood of new TMNT movie shtuffs and things ploppin' into view !! Let's break the sewer cover open n' get caught up.. shall we !?

Thanks to Dierna for the tip on some super D ..TMNT Wind-ups !!

--Wind-up Don is here !!

--Wind-up Leo is here !!

--Wind-up Ralphie is here !!

--Wind-up Mikey is here !! it goes..these prolly will hit stores within' a couple weeks here. As they seem to be on smaller cards.. they should be really cheap !! A real cool collectable and toy to keep ya wound-up all day !!

--Looks like the 'Primal Rage' monsters get recycled once again to face off with the Turtes (like last years Leo V.T-rex ) .. !! Check out 'Raph v. the Yeti' ..starting here ~~


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